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Vitalik Drovosekov - Mea Culpa

Postby Vitalik Drovosekov » Tue Jul 13, 2021 1:26 pm

Hello everyone!

a) Tell us a bit about your RL self, and your EVE history.
32, been playing random PC games for over 20 years now, came to EVE from WoW when I got tired repeating and clicking 3 buttons.
Loved EVE ever since. The complexity of this game repels juniors and cry babies and probably is the one thing that gets me to stay in this game.

b) In which timezone do you play EVE the most, and on average how many hours per week are you able to play?
I am in EST -5 time zone, on average I fly from 1 to 2 hours a day, if I work from home maybe even more.
but it all depends on the day, some days are more complex than others.

c) Why do you want to leave your current corp, and why do you want to fly with us? Please mention if you have a vouch within Shadow Cartel.
I like my corp and had a lot of fun in it, but with the pandemic and all people quit or stopped playing and it becomes a bit stale and no fun to be the only one active person in the corp.
You guys are close by (2 jumps out) and we had some positive interactions and fairly fun fights. After few GFs we started to talk and yeah here I am filling up this application :)
Karl Rudolf Horse mentioned he can vouch! yay :)

d) Within the alliance general chats and comms we maintain low tolerance for drama, racism, politics, shitposting to public places (Reddit etc), or other offensive actions that are intended to antagonize others. Can you comply?

e) We require all members to use voice comms (Teamspeak), access forums (for fits, etc.) and Slack for out-of-game chat. Can you comply?

f) What is/are your preferred playstyle(s)? (PvE, fleet PvP, Blops Hunting, Solo PvP, probing, gate camping, etc.)? Please share a (non-doctrine) fit that you personally like to fly and why you like to fly it.
Blops Hunting is fun. Love frigate solo PvP, gate camping is fun also a real tear generator.
currently I am trying this fit and so far I love teaching people about the Micro Jump Field Generator.

[Magus, Simulated Magus Fitting]
Damage Control II
Coreli A-Type Small Armor Repairer
Shadow Serpentis Multispectrum Energized Membrane
Coreli A-Type Small Armor Repairer

Micro Jump Field Generator
Small F-RX Compact Capacitor Booster
Coreli A-Type 5MN Microwarpdrive
Warp Scrambler II

Armor Command Burst I
200mm AutoCannon II
Small Ghoul Compact Energy Nosferatu
200mm AutoCannon II
200mm AutoCannon II

Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Small Nanobot Accelerator II

Warrior II x5
Hornet II x5
Infiltrator II x1

Hail S x1409
Navy Cap Booster 400 x28
Rapid Repair Charge x1137
Republic Fleet EMP S x2500
Republic Fleet Fusion S x2398
Armor Energizing Charge x663
Barrage S x1928
Armor Reinforcement Charge x100
Nanite Repair Paste x83

g) List your characters to be brought into the alliance, and please include Zkillboard links for each. Intentional exclusion of characters (if discovered now or later) is grounds for denial of application. Cyno/hunting alts may be left off the thread but nevertheless must be disclosed to your recruiter.
I am currently playing with 1 char, but have an other for High Sec stuff.
Vitalik Drovosekov -
Jack Gallentmann - doesnt even have ZKillboard link :(

h) List what class ships you are capable (e.g. T3, capitals, logistics (level V), racial subcaps, etc.)
I am fairly low compared to all of you on skill points I guess, but I can fly all frigates and cruisers. Mostly all Gallente (except supers).

i) We strongly encourage (and in some cases require) expensive pods such as Amulets and Nirvanas. Do you have or can you acquire such pods?
Not at the moment, I would need to farm a bit more.

j) We have many different comps that are frequently used, some of them quite expensive (in the region of 10b+ in total). What do you do to earn ISK in game?
I usually do some sites to get faction items and sell them. When I work from home and have some time I mine gas and sell around.
This usually pays off for my frigate fun that i am currently having.

k) Is there anything else you'd like to add to support your application?
I had a lot of fun gate camping with the boys from Mea Culpa the other day, you guys look experienced and ready to do all kind of fun which is something I am currently looking for.
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Re: Vitalik Drovosekov - Mea Culpa

Postby Titus Horse » Tue Jul 13, 2021 1:32 pm

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Re: Vitalik Drovosekov - Mea Culpa

Postby Karl Rudolf Horse » Tue Jul 13, 2021 8:35 pm

Good dude, who somehow manages to collect wonderful lovemail. Had some great laughs on during a casual camp yesterday.

ISK is fixable and SP is totally fine.

Unless there's a veto a corp invite will go out tomorrow to start trial.
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Re: Vitalik Drovosekov - Mea Culpa

Postby Xerathul Naskingar » Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:58 pm

Very nice guy,

why would anyone not want to fly with him?
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Re: Vitalik Drovosekov - Mea Culpa

Postby Titus Horse » Thu Jul 15, 2021 6:53 pm

Xerathul Naskingar wrote:Very nice guy,

why would anyone not want to fly with him?

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