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Sirius Baltar

Postby Thelemyte Hakaari » Sun Jun 20, 2021 10:34 pm

dudes seems alright chatting with him. he tried quitting once he says and biomassed and has come back and just tired of the corp he was in

New Application
Sirius Baltar
How did you find out about LTNS?
Started with a recruitment ad from another corp in the alliance but they seem kinda dead so i searched the alliance members to find a different corp that was recruiting LTNS looks like its an active corp with chill members so here i am XD
Why did you leave your previous corp?
DEAD CORP, I really hate that
Do you have an alt? If so what do you do with it?
i have an alt thats inactive till i find a use for it
In which timezone do you play EVE the most, and on average how many hours per week are you able to play?
EU/US alternating
Tell us a bit about your RL self, and your EVE history.
33yo, currently looking for work due to all this covid BS, easy going with very little tolerance for drama, likes to have a laugh and a drink while flying space pixels in EVE. Played EVE for roughly 6 years mostly in pvp or pve with some small time indy but shooting shit is where my heart is in the game
Within the alliance general chats and comms we maintain low tolerance for drama, racism, politics, shitposting to public places (Reddit etc), or other offensive actions that are intended to antagonize others. Can you comply?
We require all members to use voice comms (Teamspeak), access forums, (for fits, etc.) slack, and discord for out-of-game chat. Can you comply?
Show us an example of a ship fit you enjoy to fly and why you like to fly it.
autocannon loki are my fav to fly, i like to get in your face scram and web u so you can run like a lil bitch XD
Is there anything else you'd like to add to support your application such as members that might vouch for you?
dont know any members but after chatting with some of you guys in LTNS public you seem like cool dudes im a team player and always willing to help
What scale of PVP are you most interested in?
Small, Mid, Large,
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