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Recruitment Status: Open

Postby W0wbagger » Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:17 am

Recruitment Status for Shadow Cartel Corps

Shadow Cartel is a primarily Lowsec, NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) alliance made up of several corporations who have differing ways of approaching the same common goal: Lots of PVP. We encourage our corps and members to work both together, and independently to achieve this.

Below you will find a list of our corporations, and a bit about each one.

Minimum requirements 20mil SP - in the right areas.


Immortalis Inc. [10101]
Recruitment: Open for EU TZ / Open for US TZ

Immortalis Inc. is the executor corp of Shadow Cartel. We like to fly small to medium fleets in lowsec with a focus on innovative, unusual and often times expensive doctrines. We enjoy fighting outnumbered and winning through superior tactics.

We try very hard to be in the right places, at the right times, with the right people in the right ships to get the fights that we want; and to win them.

We seek power players, content creators who can and are comfortable with; dual boxing, flying logistics, capital ships, and who have a minimum of 40 million SP in the right skills.
In accordance with these aims, we have the following requirements:
1) A useful alt. Dread, triage, links, logi - anything useful, and most importantly volunteering to use them!
2) Multiboxing. Those alts you have? They don't do the fleet any good logged off.
3) Pro-activity. Always wait for the fifth time the FC asks for something before you speak up? We're not the corp for you.
4) The ability to fly all of our main doctrine ships with proper skills, AND Logistics level 5.
5) The drive to be active! Will you move cynos? Hunt with alts? Probe where needs to be probed? React to structure notifications? Generally waste your life for the betterment of the alliance?

If you're interested and fulfill all the criteria, talk to a recruiter and join our public channel, Immortalis-Public .

Contact Waylo Azomi or Chairborne in game for recruitment, or join channel Immortalis-Public

"Pity us not, for mercy we have none" -- Rameus Luxmaar, Corp/Alliance Founder


Sonnenlegion [SONN]
Recruitment: Invite Only

Sonnenlegion is a mostly German-based corporation, but we do have some honorary English speaking members as well (who do understand German). We seek very (!) experienced players with personalities that fit in with our existing members. Our common goal is to have fun together, blow up spaceships and that's exactly what we do. Before posting join our public channel / contact one of our recruiters ingame.

"Get to da choppa. Do it noaw!"


Recruitment: Invite Only

Balkan express is recruiting pilots. We are accepting players speaking Balkan (ex YU) languages. In rare occasions we can accept non YU players only if we know them very well and they accept Balkan gibberish on comms. The guy must be openminded, comprehensive and mature above all. We are not demanding insane amount of skill or SP. We need our pilots to be able to fly at least armor Cruisers and to follow simple orders from our bellowed, greatest, smartest, most handsome, most skilled, the righteous leader and FC. But what we do demand are recommendations. We flew with many players and had many freenemies so the list of who you can ask recommendations from is pretty large.

Who are we and what we offer? Well we are a small low sec pirate corp. We are always out roaming in search of good fights. Sometimes we jumpclone to 0.0 npc space and have fun with some shield nano gangs. We are quite successful as a pirate corp. We win lot of fights, in some of them we lose quite few ships but never the spirit. BALEX is a mix of veteran experienced players and smart and capable fresh blood (1-2 year old pilots).

BALEX is also part of a very known lowsec alliance Shadow Cartel. Membership in this alliance opened us many new gameplay styles ex. Blackops, WH hunting, Large 200+ man fleets, more roam diversity, Nullsec carrier hunting, highsec ganking etc. Being in Shadow Cartel we can offer content to our members even in the US time zone also.

To our members we offer lowsec missions (lv4 SOE and lv 5), exploration, sometimes incursions (lowsec) and the pleasure to steal assets from ppl passing by. Ppl can also jump clone to our 0.0 npc staging systems do missions and rat there in a pretty much blue environment.

Our playtime is around 20-24 GMT +1, Balkan time (EU tz). During that time we usually join our private TS channel, chat, camp around or go into roams. There are some ppl that start playing from 16:00 eve time and some that go past 24:00. So there is for everyone.

Our killboard

We got an ingame channel named Balex. Feel free to come and hang out with us.

At the end I offer you a cherry on the cake, our first PROMO VIDEO made by our member Cardinal, enjoy it!
And recently done our 2nd promo video.
And if you want to see some more videos related to BALEX, head to the youtube playlist about some of the fights we had.

For the rest of info u can contact me or Warlord Cro and for the diplomacy affairs knock on Ansky mail.


Beyond Divinity Inc. [BYDI]
Recruitment: Invite Only

Beyond Divinity Inc. is a pirate corp that has no interest in politics or serious business. We focus on old school piracy through small gangs, ransoms, griefing and solo PVP.

We look for pilots who are self sufficient and have knowledge of PVP or willingness to learn quickly. We expect our pilots to have a mature attitude and the ability to take a joke.

BYDI is a home for players who combine Eve and real life. When we log in we want to PVP and forget real life for a little while so if you only want to win EVE we dont want you.

"If you have a weasel in your pants, now's the time to worry"

DO NOT start a thread to join without first talking to a recruiter. Join BYDI-Pub channel in game.


Mea Culpa. [MEA C]
Recruitment: Invite Only

Mea Culpa. was formed by a few FW pilots who wanted to shoot everyone instead of being blue to half the targets. After flying solo for a while and then being somewhat unlucky with previous alliances we’ve finally found our home in Shadow Cartel. We still very much enjoy roaming around in smaller gangs, fighting in Plexes, etc., but we like dropping on stuff and mid sized fleet engagements just as much. Generally, fun and enjoying the game matters more than anything, so there are no rules what you can and cannot do. We won't shame you for losing a Marauder on a roam, if you had fun doing it.

We’re a very small corp and therefore rather tight. We still call ourselves a small group of friends and as such character matters more than SP or zkill stats (we will still look at those). Being small also means we rely on everyone to contribute - at least a bit. So, if you are a great hunter, that’s awesome. If you want to take out our next Bantam roam, that’s also awesome.

Main requirement: don’t be a dick.
Bonus points for dread alts and alts with covert cynos.

Join our in game Channel Mea Culpa. to get in touch.


*DISCLAIMER* As a member of Shadow Cartel all recruitment requirements mandated by the alliance must be met before corp requirements are applied. If you are interested in joining up please refer to the Shadow Cartel public forums for instructions on how to apply.
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