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README - Your guide to applying to Shadow Cartel

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README - Your guide to applying to Shadow Cartel

Postby Anabaric » Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:12 pm

1. Decide what corp you are applying to.

Read this thread to see which corporations are currently recruiting, and to learn a little about them. You should consider which corp suits you best.
If you have vouches inside Shadow Cartel, you should apply to that corp.

2. Register yourself

Register on this forum. You MUST make sure your registered name matches your EVE name EXACTLY (including capitalization!).

3. Your application thread

This should be titled with your name, and the corp you are applying to. ie Anabaric [The Bastards]

4. Recruitment Questions

Your application should include our recruitment questionnaire which is in this thread copy and paste this into your post and answer all questions.

5. Failure to do the above

If you can't read and follow these simple instructions how do you expect us to believe you will be capable of functioning successfully in a fleet.

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