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junker man what could go wrong [3MIN.]

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junker man what could go wrong [3MIN.]

Postby junker man » Mon Apr 12, 2021 8:32 am

a) Tell us a bit about your RL self, and your EVE history.

been almost everywhere in eve from null to low sec ran my own corp / alliance / coalition for many years back in the day in solituded and molden heath been in shadow cartel years ago before we got raped by goons and snuff that wanted to show off there epeens lol
in real life im a tradie im always busy at work but i wanna get back into eve again and i always enjoyed being in shadow years ago apaart form being a tradie i love my AFL like to go and party and cut shapes on the D floor with the lads and try show off me peacock feathers to impress them females haha

b) In which timezone do you play EVE the most, and on average how many hours per week are you able to play?

AUSSIE TZ but have been known to saty up late and push into EU hours a week can differ on wrok pressure but now i am back gonna try be on at least 20 hours a week minimum

c) Why do you want to leave your current corp, and why do you want to fly with us? Please mention if you have a vouch within Shadow Cartel.

i mean i just used to be in shadow cartel years ago with a few mates im sure Dan Jinto can vouch for me via punkrawk

d) Within the alliance general chats and comms we maintain low tolerance for drama, racism, politics, shitposting to public places (Reddit etc), or other offensive actions that are intended to antagonize others. Can you comply?

yeah no wukkkas on that front i can be a joker of sorts just no need to step over any lines : )

e) We require all members to use voice comms (Teamspeak), access forums (for fits, etc.) and Slack for out-of-game chat. Can you comply?

yeah EASY

f) What is/are your preferred playstyle(s)? (PvE, fleet PvP, Blops Hunting, Solo PvP, probing, gate camping, etc.)? Please share a (non-doctrine) fit that you personally like to fly and why you like to fly it.

i enjoy pvp in good old big brawls love me small gang stuff through low sec gate camping to pass the time i have alot of over 100 mill SP toons so i almost enjoy anything that keeps be busy in eve to be honest been away for a couple of years so no idea what kinda ships are the doctrines to fly but i am happy to fly anything never really have a favourite ship or doctrine or style just normally tried a heap of random stuff TBH

g) List your characters to be brought into the alliance, and please include Zkillboard links for each. Intentional exclusion of characters (if discovered now or later) is grounds for denial of application. Cyno/hunting alts may be left off the thread but nevertheless must be disclosed to your recruiter.

junker man
rundles balls
bradlies armpit

h) List what class ships you are capable (e.g. T3, capitals, logistics (level V), racial subcaps, etc.)

all of the above

i) We strongly encourage (and in some cases require) expensive pods such as Amulets and Nirvanas. Do you have or can you acquire such pods?

i can if required

j) We have many different comps that are frequently used, some of them quite expensive (in the region of 10b+ in total). What do you do to earn ISK in game?

if needed i can buy plex which i hate so i can lvl 5 mission i have a wicked set up or i can run sites and anomlies scanning and probing or gank and take loot i have many forms of isk making when required

k) Is there anything else you'd like to add to support your application?

not much just i enjoyed being in shadow back in the day and have been in and out of the 3MIN corp on and off via a mate that ver well known by dan jinto also last time i was in shadow i ended up building caps consistently and a few years ago i donated 5 p[lus dreads straight to alliance im aussie and a team player
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Re: junker man what could go wrong [3MIN.]

Postby Sherlock879 » Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:47 am

Vouch confirmed
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Re: junker man what could go wrong [3MIN.]

Postby Sherlock879 » Thu Apr 22, 2021 1:03 pm

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